Bank Nite Wallet (economy and deluxe) Locking Wallet with 7 Keys by TMGS


The Seven Keys to Baldpate, Key-R-rect, Crook Lock, (or whatever version or name you have for the trick), has always been one of mentalism’s strongest effects for a lay audience.  Here is a simple idea that adds a great dimension to the logic of the effect.

In this version, you get a wallet that can be locked shut, by slipping the lock hasp through the two zipper pulls on the wallet.  This logically leads to having money in the wallet which can be awarded to the lucky holder of the one key that opens the lock.

Show a wallet with a lock securing its zipper tightly closed.  Have a spectator try seven different keys in the lock, but none open it.  “That’s because the one that opens it is here!”  You take another key from your pocket, and let the spectator use it to open the lock.  (It does).

The spectator mixes all the keys up, including the good one, and then he gives one key to six different spectators, one to the mentalist, and keeps one for himself.

The wallet is shown to contain a hundred dollar bill, and then it is re-zipped and locked.  (The lock is really locked!) One by one, the spectators try their keys and none opens the lock.  The assisting spectator is about to try his, and you offer to switch if he wants.  He does (or doesn’t), and then tries his key.  NOTHING.  The lock won’t open.  Thge mentalist then uses his key and the lock opens,  The $100 is safe for another show.

Works great, no switches, a mechanical marvel.  With this version, you can control which key opens the lock, so if youwanted to let a specific spectator win, you could do this also.  For older birthday children, this is a good routine, letting kids all try a key, but only the birthday kid opens the lock — and gets a dollar (not a hundred!)

Economy Model Notes – This wallet is inexpensive vinyl, and has some quality issues — some minor cracks in the vinyl inside the wallet by credit card slots and coin pocket. These issues are cosmetic only, and do not effect the working of the trick. This version also has a smaller lock than the other (deluxe) version of this trick that we sell. The smaller lock is more in scale to use with the wallet, but is harder to see, and so limits this wallet’s use to close up performances only.

Deluxe Model Notes – TBC.

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