Coin Box Wallet by Jeff Copeland


Upon first glance, one may note all the familiar features of this every day carry essential found in the customer favorite Viajero wallet, but for the Coin Box Wallet, the inner pouch has been extended to hold a coin box…Or just a mondo stack of coins!

Each wallet will hold one Copeland Coin Box (with an extra coin or two if desired.) The wallet is ideal for walk around performance and storage because it keeps the box lid held on tight and builds spectator anticipation when the wallet comes out of your pocket…As anyone who has used Traveler or Viajero already know!

The Coin Box Wallet is available in two sizes for dollar or half dollar size coin boxes and in two colors, mocha brown or coal black. Choose your favorite or grab a few!

Quick Stats

  • Each wallet is handmade with soft and flexible, premium handbag quality goat skin leather.
  • Available in two sizes for a dollar or a half dollar size coin box.(Or you can load it with a bunch of coins!)
  • This is Copeland Coin’s smallest wallet yet. It measures about 2 cm tall but only about 4.5cm in width. Plus or minus a few millimeters based on size.
  • Designed specifically to hold any available size and shape of the new Copeland Coin Boxes!
  • The wallet will also hold most standard size (not oversized) Okito coin boxes from other brands.

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