Coin Tidy (with Magnetic Closure/Press Stud Closing) by Jerry O’Connell and PropDog


The Jerry O’Connell Coin Tidy, is the perfect solution for carrying and protecting your regular and gimmicked coins. Hand made of the highest quality leather, this case will protect your coins and also help prevent you spending them whilst you are not using them.

The internal cloth material protects those expensive coins from damage.

The case has six coin slots and although it can hold up to 6 coins, you might have difficulty fully closing it if they are all larger coins, the leather will need to stretch a bit before it closes easily. If you are using less than 6 coins or have some palming coins as part of the 6, then it will close just fine. If you do need to hold 6 larger coins, then the snap closure version would be a better option for you.

Closed dimensions: 50mm x 50mm

Open dimensions: 50mm x 200mm

One version has a magnet in the closing flap that keeps the purse closed as opposed to the the original version that has a metal press stud whilst the other has a press stud closing.

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