Deluxe Brain Wave Case


I feel this is a DELUXE case because it looks a lot more like leather. Supplied are also two Highland Sticky Note Pads (100 sheets per pad). These have been cut to fit on the inside.

Yes, I feel this is a DELUXE case! So what makes it different from the case we sold for the last two years?

  • One, it looks a lot more like leather.
  • Second, the light is an LED and not prone to burning a hole in the writing surface as the last one did if you held on to the switch too long.
  • Third, because it is a LED, it draws a lot less power, and therefore the battery will last for years. Yes, this one has a long-life battery that will last may be longer than the case!
  • Forth, the light level is lower so that when you hold it and turn on the light, very little light peeks out the sides.
  • Sixth, the switch is located in the lower-left corner, which makes handling a lot easier.
  • Lastly, jbcarlyletouch has added The Carlyle Touch to the filters.

Have your spectator write something inside the wallet, close it and then seal it with rubber bands. Then take the wallet and place it in your pocket. You now know the exact thought written down in the wallet without even having to open it up!
You reveal any way you want.

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