Don Wayne’s Animated ATM Wallet


Effect: Finding yourself “out of cash” you reach into your pocket for your portable Automated Teller Machine. After freely displaying your wallet, you insert your ATM card and “enter” your PIN number into the invisible “key pad.” Suddenly your wallet comes alive! It stands up at attention, rolls over, slides forward and then flips open! Your ATM card is returned sliding out one side, The “account” receipt spits out the other side and – then the requested amount is dispensed in cash!

The Animated ATM wallet is an extremely versatile utility prop which you can utilize for the finale of numerous other routines such as:

  • Burned, Signed or Torn Bill/Card in Envelope,
  • Restaurant Check or Serial Number Prediction,
  • or Business Card Finale.


  • Custom manufactured and gimmicked premium leather wallet,
  • illustrated instructions,
  • and loading gimmick for optional routines.

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