Double Indexed Hip Wallet (like Heirloom wallet with 12 outs) by TMGS


The packaging calls this a “Himber” wallet, and it isn’t really. But, in fact, it is so much more. This natural-looking hip pocket wallet can open two ways, so that it can be shown empty and then have flat objects in it (like a Himber wallet), or can switch flat objects. But the reason I REALLY like this wallet is that the two compartments are indexed to hold up to 12 different outs for your prediction effects. Holds billets, small photos, folded cards, etc

The indexes are covered by a moveable flap in the wallet, so you can show it empty after removing one prediction (because the others are hidden!)

This is very similar to the Heirloom wallet (which sells for about twice as much), and you can use this wallet for the Heirloom effect, or Kollosal Killer, or any other multiple out prediction. The wallet is nicely made, leather and will arouse no suspicion when you take it out.

Just got a few of these at a great wholesale price, so passing that savings on to you. We have sold a lot of these great wallets for $36, but here it is for less, limited to stock on hand…

Brand new with instructions.

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