Fire Wallet 2.0 by Theatre Magic


“You don’t even need to be a magician to get people freaking out with this thing. I love it.” -Maxwell Murphy

“By far the highest quality on the market. I’ve been using it for the past 6 years.” -Nick Locapo

1. Open your wallet, and HUGE FLAMES RISE OUT OF IT. Not a cute little flame, I’m talking BONFIRE here.

2. Show it again, and it’s perfectly normal. Like nothing ever happened.

Refined over literally millions of performances, this 2.0 version is the second generation of what was ALREADY the world’s best fire wallet.


It’s a REAL WALLET that you can show, INSIDE AND OUT to your spectators. There’s nothing to see! It’s so expertly crafted, you’ll fall in love the first time you take it out.

No matter if you’re 50 feet away from a crowd. The moment you use this thing, you’re turning heads. I’ve seen Nick use it to pay for stuff, and he becomes a local celebrity everywhere he goes.

PROFESSIONALS: If your job involves walking into a room and turning every single head, this is a must-have. If your job is simply just meeting people and building a rapport fast, this is a no-brainer.

Manufacturer Says

This trick is sure to make your name the HOTTEST ticket in town…literally! Next time you’re paying for something or you have to take your wallet out, imagine the look on your friends faces when your wallet bursts into flames! We’re talking some serious heat. Then, you can show your wallet is completely unharmed. No damage whatsoever! Pretty cool huh?

Definitely A Head-Turner!

This kit includes: Custom Trick Wallet and Instructional DVD


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