Insight Wallet by Larry Becker


Pop this beautiful 3-1/4″ x 5″ black leather case in your jacket or shirt pocket and you’re instantly set to perform the miracle of your choice. For example, open your “Insight” wallet and remove a blank card which you hand to a spectator. While your back is turned, the spectator is asked to jot down the name of any playing card that comes to mind. The opaque card is then turned writing side down by the spectator and inserted in a credit card pocket inside the case. The interior and exterior of the wallet can be seen to be totally opaque and unprepared. No mirrors, lights, holes, slits or trapdoors. An opaque 6″x 9″ manila envelope is examined by the spectator. The spectator then seals the wallet inside the manila envelope. The performer now writes the following on the outside of the envelope. “The card you’re thinking of is the 14th card from the top of the deck!” The spectator is now asked to read aloud what the performer wrote on the envelope. The spectator is asked to reveal his mentally selected card, for example, the 4 of hearts. The performer draws everyone’s attention to a deck of cards that has been in full view of the audience from the very beginning. When the spectator removes the cards and counts down to the 14th card…it’s the very card he merely thought of, the 4 of hearts.

Here’s an alternate handling: After the spectator places the card inside the pocket, you can show the wallet, inside and out. You immediately wrap a rubber band around the wallet and place it between the palms of the spectator’s hands. Then, with no hesitation, proceed to reveal whatever he wrote or drew in any dramatic way that you want. Perfect for obtaining the spectator’s number for the Magic Square routine. Or, you can affix post-it note sheets to the right hand panel and simply duplicate the spectator’s thought on a sheet, tear it off and hand it to the spectator as a souvenir. It’s that clean. And they won’t have a clue.

The “Insight” wallet is ingeniously designed and beautifully fabricated in luxurious black leather and measures only 5″ deep by 3-1/4″ wide. Using the Insight” case is so easy and requires no sleight of hand. The “Insight” case instantly reveals whatever the spectator writes or draws. And you do it right in front of the audience. Words, numbers, designs, the sky’s the limit. And it’s all done naturally with no suspicious moves or impression devices. This is a professional device for both mentalists and magicians.

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