Mercury Card to Wallet by TMGS


This wallet is very well made — high quality, durable leather, with a double snap flap closure, nine full-size credit card slots, a windowed pocket flap for ID card/driver’s license, and a bill pocket, with extra zippered pocket.  It is from the zippered pocket that you can withdraw a signed selected card.    

I know that this wallet is extra durable and real-world practical, because when I needed a new wallet 4 years ago, I decided I would just use one of these wallets for my everyday wallet — I have put it in my back pocket (blue jeans mostly) whenever I go out for almost four years, and it is just now time for me to replace it.   So I am grabbing one more of these out of my inventory for me, and offering the rest here for sale to my TMGS customers. 

In addition to being a great everyday wallet,  it is gimmicked for the classic card to wallet routine — but note:  this wallet only accommodates a FOLDED playing card, which is why I call it the Mercury Card to Wallet.   When I first saw the card has to be folded (using the Mercury fold, taught in the instructions), I did not like that:  felt like extra work.  But after I tried it out on some laypeople, I realized that the fact the card is folded is actually an extra magical effect to them!  Not only did you somehow get the signed selected card into the zippered pocket of your wallet, but it is folded up, too!    (And the Merc folded card is much easier to get from the deck to the wallet, so there is that added bonus.)

The “gimmick” in the design of the wallet makes the loading easy, and appears perfectly “normal”.   The wallet also has a fold over snap closure, which further enhances the possibility of the card being in the wallet, and if you want to take it to another level, you can wrap a thick rubber band around the wallet, and this will not interfere with the secret load.

Have a card selected and signed.  It is shuffled back into the deck by the magician, who then hands the deck to the spectator.  The magi reaches into his back pocket (or could be in your jacket pocket, but it is hip pocket style), and brings out his wallet, holding it in otherwise empty hands.  The wallet’s snap closure flap is unsnapped (two separate snaps) and the wallet is opened.  Drawing attention to the zipped pocket in the bill section of the wallet, the magi unzips it, and gingerly dips in with his thumb and forefinger, removing a folded playing card.

(Note here:  as mentioned, there is an extra moment of astonishment here for lay people — with any card to wallet routine, lay people get ahead of you as soon as they see a card coming from the wallet.  But with this Mercury version, that moment is partially circumvented by the fact that the card is folded.  It is much more easily accepted as a prediction that you hid there before the show.  At least this is my experience in performing this.)

The folded card is handed to the spectator, who unfolds it and finds it to be her signed card!

There are a number of excellent effects that use the Mercury Card fold, and so if you have not learned it, you should.  This card to wallet is yet another really great reason to learn it.  Or if you already do the Mercury Card Fold, this card to wallet may become your favorite use for it.

One other routine that I have used this wallet for (which does not require the Mercury Fold):    I ask for a spectator’s business card and fold it in quarters, then hand it to the spectator to hold in her closed fist.   Then I bring out my wallet, apparently to give her one of my cards.  But when I open the snaps on the wallet and unfold it, I see there are no business cards in my wallet.  Then I remember that I have one card I hid for emergencies.   I unzip the zip, and reach into the pocket — a folded card is withdrawn, and when opened up, it is the Spectator’s business card!   When she opens her hand, she unfolds the card she holds to discover it is your business card.

 Brand new and unused, with instructions.  (Plus bonus TMGS instructions, describing my Business card transpo effect)


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