Perfect Switch Wallet by Viktor Voitko


A versatile wallet with a surprising and visual grand finale unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

The exceptional quality, genuine leather Perfect Switch Wallet can be used for a variety of amazing magic tricks such as switches, transformations and appearances with money, playing cards, business cards and so much more!

However, what truly sets the Perfect Switch Wallet apart from other magic wallets is the fact that you can also end every effect with the visually stunning production of a massive bouquet of money. This memorable image will stick with your audiences for a lifetime!

This is the perfect ending to any multiplying bills effect such as Extreme Burn or 400 Lux, or a trick where you use the included gimmick to transform a card into an real bill.

As the Perfect Switch Wallet can carry money, credit cards, playing cards and business cards, the possibilities are truly endless.


  • Crafted from genuine high-quality leather
  • 7.5 cm x 10.5cm (3in x 4in)
  • Money bouquet held discreetly in wallet
  • Special gimmick card that transforms into a bill also included

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