Pickpocket Passport Wallet by Gregory Wilson and Alan Wong


“I use this myself, professionally.” -Gregory Wilson

A devastating pick-pocket routine used professionally by Gregory Wilson.

One of our best-selling tricks of all time has been Clutch by Oz Pearlman. Why? Because audiences LOVE pick-pocket routines.

Now, deliver a FULL pick-pocket experience with The Pickpocket Passport Wallet. Routined by Gregory Wilson for his professional show.

Easy to perform, and safe. Thanks to this special wallet, you can pick-pocket its contents, one-by-one, right in front of your audience. Cash, credit-cards, even a passport — customize it any way you like!

PROFESSIONALS: The best thing about this routine for workers is Gregory Wilson’s routine. Easier, more flexible and safer than any pick-pocket routine you’ve seen before. You can now use ANY spectator (no need to worry about pre-selecting based on the contents of their pockets, or how comfortable they are with their personal space). This is a safe, and devastating routine from the master of stage-cons.

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