Pimpernel Plus Wallet by Sukesh Patnaik



Place your wallet on the table. Ask a spectator to choose a card from a shuffled deck. She signs the face of the card and returns it to the deck. The spectator then shuffles the deck. Explain that you are so confident you can find the card under these impossible conditions that you will put money on it!

Open your wallet and remove the money. At no times does the wallet go anywhere near the deck.

Remove one card from the deck and place it in a transparent window in the wallet.

“If your card is not in the wallet, the money is yours!” You explain.

Remove the card from the transparent window. It’s the wrong card!!

The spectator grabs for money. But wait! You draw their attention to a small zippered pocket on the other side of the open wallet. Open the zipper, reach in and remove the signed selected card!!

No Palming, No difficult sleight of hand. Reset in seconds! And this is the one of the many possibilities with the Pimpernel plus wallet!

 Anything you can do with Himber Wallet, you can do with Pimpernel plus wallet, and then some!

Also this wallet can be used as a Peek Wallet.

And for our expert level Magicians: as mentioned above the “Plus” feature is used to load the signed card into a different zippered compartment of the wallet using palming. And loading system incorporated in the wallet is as smooth as butter.

Beautifully made in pure high quality soft leather, this wallet does not look like a magic prop. It is a hip-pocket style wallet. You will carry with you all the time! There is a built in coin pouch, so for our coin workers, they can carry couple of coins in it.

So one wallet; functions four!

1)    No Palm signed card to zippered pocket wallet.

2)    Signed card to different zipper compartment using Palming, for our expert level magicians.

3)    Can be used comfortably as a peek wallet.

4)    Does the functions of a Himber wallet.

Wallet’s design, routines and preparation of photo illustrated booklet with crystal clear instructions are by Magician Sukesh Pattanaik.

 It comes complete with several excellent routines. And price is just right to pay for this high quality prop..

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