Predator Wallet by R. Paul Wilson


R Paul Wilson’s The Predator is a utility device that allows you to perform absolute miracles with ease. It comes with three powerhouse effects that will destroy your audience in professional shows, client meetings, restaurants or in the bar. Its versatility allows for limitless possibilities yet it fits perfectly into your pants pocket. The Predator is a billfold-style hip wallet with a devilish secret. Designed by R. Paul Wilson to be extremely practical and to look completely innocent, The Predator has amazed some of Magic’s most respected performers and thinkers. The Predator comes with three miracle effects including Paul’s highly acclaimed “Psycho Killer” routine: Imagine being able to bet real money on a card someone is merely thinking of! You begin with just three dollar-bills and bet on the suit and value of the card in their mind (a completely free choice). Finally, with the three bills on the table in full view (the wallet is clearly seen to be empty) the three bills are turned over to show the name of the thought of card clearly written across the bills! Remember you start with just three dollar-bills, the wallet is empty and the prediction is written clearly in large black letters! What if you could show a small envelope in your wallet before having any card thought of. The envelope is removed (you may even show that t are no other envelopes in the wallet) and their card is inside! What if you could have someone merely think of a card before you remove one face down and place it into your wallet. Without asking what card they are thinking of, you deal through the deck showing fifty one cards – their thought of card is gone and is cleanly removed from the wallet! The Predator has been purchased by many of the biggest names in magic and mentalism. Don’t miss your chance to add this powerful prop to your arsenal! The Predator is a must-have for both magicians and mentalists who want to show their audiences no mercy.

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