Professional Peek Wallet by Leather Craft


Professional Peek Wallet is more than just an everyday wallet!

Before someone gives you their business card, ask him to secretly write any 3-digit number on the reverse.

You then remove your black leather wallet from your pocket and open it up and you ask the gentleman to place his card with the written number face down into your wallet’s compartment with the rest of the your credit cards.

The card is placed face down in the compartment containing the eight of spades. As seen in our picture.

While open or closed the wallet can be shown on both sides.

You close the wallet and then slip it into your pocket. You pause, then instantly tell that person his written number!

*Reveal a driver’s licence number.
*Reveal a birthday.
*Reveal a credit card number.
*Have a spectator write or draw anything on the back of a business card.

The mentalist can then read the spectator’s mind and tell them what is on the business card, or the mentalist can choose to simply redraw what the spectator has drawn.

Can be used as a regular everyday wallet. Anything slipped into the wallet is instantly known to the performer!

Comes with the genuine leather Wallet (approx 4.5″ x 3.5″, 11.5cm x 9cm when closed) specially made by Leather Craft & instructions.

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