Terry Seabrooke Signed Note In Wallet


This is the effect that has been a reputation-maker for Terry Seabrooke! The magician borrows a bill from a member of the audience – the larger denomination the better. This bill is placed into an envelope which is then sealed. The envelope containing the bill is mixed with other sealed envelopes. The spectator selects one and the remaining ones are destroyed by fire. Imagine the spectator’s surprise when he opens his envelope and finds – nothing (or a small piece of paper with an apology or a wise remark). The performer apologizes and states that he has fire insurance, which he keeps sealed inside his zippered wallet. From this sealed wallet he removes a sealed envelope. The envelope is torn open and inside is the spectator’s marked bill! The serial numbers and the signature are genuine – it is the same bill! A great mystery made even better with patter and presentation by one of magic’s funniest entertainers.

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