The Jameson Wallet by Iain Bailey


Iain Bailey has created a card to wallet for the modern performer.

The days of the large jacket wallet are over! Those things look so out of place in today’s world., They are big, fat, clunky and old fashioned. Iain has created the Jameson wallet based on the design of his Mont Blanc wallet. It’s a super thin, minimalist style wallet that will not look out of place with any performer whether you carry it in your suit jacket pocket, jeans back pocket or handbag. The Jameson wallet design is clean and neutral so it will fit perfectly with magicians of any gender. Finally, a card to wallet that really does look like a regular wallet!

Manufactured is high quality leather this wallet will certainly become part of your EDC.

The James wallet also comes with an instruction video that will teach you everything you need to know on how to use your new CTW and even includes some cool bonus ideas.

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