The Magnum M3M Wallet by Outlaw Effects


A mini bi-fold Business card case! Only 4 inches by 3 inches when closed!

Here’s the skinny.

The Outlaw Magnum does not employ, a Stealth gaff, an S.U.C. gaff, or an Insight gaff. The card goes in, you close the wallet and put the wallet away, the work is done.

You DO NOT have to reopen the wallet to get the peek! You DO NOT have to remove a card to get the peek!

The Outlaw Magnum card case has five working inner pockets, and a hidden pocket that will hold cash and extra business cards.

No more having to “re-load” the wallet when doing walk around! The Magnum will hold over 20 business cards, your driver license and credit cards! The Outlaw Magnum has the same functions as the original and the Panther, which allow you to P.W. or swami directly onto a card in the wallet.

It allows you to double write and do a confabulation routine without having to open the wallet to do it!

When closed it is the exact same dimensions as the original Outlaw 4 inches across and 3 inches deep! There is a lot packed into this little baby.

The peek area and writing area are 85% of the card!

That’s the skinny.

You boys have wanted a card case with more pockets, and now after months of working with the manufacturer, we have a bi-fold card case that will carry your credit cards, driver license and business cards!

By the way, the Magnum is made specifically for Outlaw by the same company that makes top of the line wallets with some very famous names attached to them.

Magnum comes with Optical 3M technology. You can openly show both sides of the closed wallet, clearly see the peek card, and the spec cannot! James Bond would love this!

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