The Real Man’s Coin Wallet by Anthony Miller


“This tool was devised for one simple reason: to allow coin work to be a bit easier and more deceptive. I think you will find this coin wallet will do just that.” — Anthony Miller

The Real Man’s Coin Wallet features:

Two separate internal compartments so you can (1) keep gimmicked coins for different effects easily separated and (2) so you can SILENTLY add a coin to the wallet while another coin is already inside (if you do Homing Coin type routines or any routine where coins reappear in the wallet, you will love this functionality).

Hidden squeeze-and-drop load pocket on the back of the wallet so you can secretly add shell coins and other gimmicks AFTER your spectators have inspected everything inside the wallet!

Leather-loop fastening so you don’t have to “snap” it shut. No snaps or other metal hardware so it’s comfortable in your pocket!

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