Ultimate Nest of Wallets by Mark Traversoni and Saturn Magic


Now supplied with a performance pouch so there is no more fumbling in your pocket!

The Nest of Wallets is a classic effect and we believe we have the very best wallet available.

A common question is what makes these different to others on the market that are much more expensive?

The quality is just as good but we only sell these ourselves not through distributors, which means you get a great quality item for a lot less than the more expensive versions!

The Ultimate Nest of Wallets are soft leather very quick to bed in and are supplied with a very nice cloth and ribbon to perform your favourite routine.

Tom Mullenger and Mark Traversoni show you how to use this fantastic item in the on-line video tutorial.

Are you aware of any reviews, forum links, videos or good quality images for this wallet that we could include on this page?

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