Worker’s Dream Pocket Folio by Steve Cook and Paul McCaig


Towards the end of last year Paul McCaig and Steve Cook purchased the rights to four of Harry Robson’s superb wallets. NOW AVAILABLE from Psychic Mentality is the ‘Worker’s Dream Pocket Folio’, our reworking of Harry’s most popular creation. Beautifully produced in an exquisite tan leather by Tony Curtis and Derek Rutt, the WDPF has some nice additional features, including a signed card to envelope, signed card to folio, Mullica style no-palm signed card to folio, 2 peeks, Out to Lunch, in plain sight secret writing area, 10 Bonsalopes, 10 Harry Robson card to envelope guides, accompanied by an ‘old skool’ instructional booklet, full of routine ideas and handling tips, photographed by Steve Haresign and professionally printed by Haresign Press. LIMITED TO ONLY 50 PER YEAR!!

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