Bronzini’s Wallet


The Bronzini Wallet is a new and unique application of older principles which have been combined in a new manner creating a completely new wallet design which is being offered for the first time through special arrangement with Viking Mfg./Collectors’ Workshop and Tango Magic Products. The following description and effect give but one effect possible with this new wallet design but many applications will occur to the user. We are confident that this unique wallet will become a classic in the tradition of the original Himber Wallet, and the original Card to Wallet both of which have spawned many variations. Effect: The performer offers a deck of cards to a spectator who is instructed to shuffle the cards at length. Two cards are now selected by two spectators both of which sign their respective cards which are then returned to the deck. After a series of cuts the performer discovers one of the signed cards. The card is confirmed and placed inside the performer’s wallet. The remainder of the deck is tapped against the wallet. When the wallet is opened it is found empty. The first selected card has vanished from the wallet. The deck is ribbon spread and there in the center of the deck is the first spectators signed card. The deck is gathered up and simply riffled toward the wallet. The wallet is again opened and this time the performer unzips a section of the wallet and a second card is removed. This proves to be the second signed card! Please note that you do not palm a card into the wallet. There are no secret slides, no duplicate cards, no forcing of cards. Everything is done exactly as explained under ‘effect’. The principle of this wallet will delight you and the ease of operation will make this a standard effect in your arsenal of card mysteries. Other effects: sheets of blank paper change into real currency; Keys to Baldpate; Do As I Do routine; selected card revealed on printed silk; and there are many more. All included in the detailed instructions. Made of select split leather, soft and supple. Guaranteed top quality. Produced by Tango Magic.


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