If you would like to contact us or to advertise on this site, please email the webmaster at:

Chamber of Wallets
11 Wentworth Court
Droitwich Road
United Kingdom

Advertise With Us

Please note that Chamber of Wallets advertising slots and prices will be released in the near future. There will only be a limited number of advertising placements, meaning high ad visibility benefiting both advertisers and site visitors alike.

Ad Sizes:
Advert sizes are 110×80. This is the same size as the small ads the Magiccafe uses.

Ads on the AZ Index Page (Blue):
These appear solely on the main AZ Index page where all items are listed. There are 16 advert placements on this page (4 rows of 4 adverts each as seen on a regular computer screen).

Ads on item’s individual pages (Red and Green):
There are 8 advert placements on these pages (2 rows of 4 adverts as seen on a regular computer screen). If you have an advert placed on these pages then it will appear on EVERY page for each wallet/peek device/deck holder/coin holder. This means your advert will appear on 220 plus pages!

Unfortunately we are unable to provide artwork for ads. To do this we suggest a freelance service like

Rotation of Adverts:
The rows of adverts will be rotated every calendar month within their prospective pages.

Get your “Buy it from the Creator!” Button

Are you a creator of a wallet? We will also have available a “Buy Direct from the Creator!” button. This will go under your wallet’s description and when clicked will take the website visitor directly to YOUR website’s page where YOU sell your wallet. This option is only available to individual creators and their companies. This will be priced quite cheaply to support creators in the magic community.

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