Essential Wallet by ProMystic


The Essential Wallet is presented in three distinct editions: Solo, Standard and Plus. Each is innocent and examinable, yet has three special business-card slots that hide a unique secret, allowing for countless routines and presentations.

SOLO – With no receiver necessary, Essential Wallet: Solo does all the work on its own. Entirely self-contained, its secret is an advanced recall function which shares with you your spectators’ choices. Take the wallet back and, through subtle tactile indication, you’ll know everything you need to know all while simply holding it.

STANDARD – Essential Wallet: Standard works with your PMR. As soon as one of three ungaffed business cards (or anything else you’d like) is removed from the wallet, you’ll be notified and ready to astound.

PLUS – Combining the functions of both Solo and Standard editions, Essential Wallet: Plus is the ultimate electronic wallet.


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