Forbes Portfolio by Michael Forbes


For the last fifteen years I’ve watched Michael Forbes destroy audiences with the classic “Signed Card To Envelope.” It’s a classic effect for a reason. It’s absolutely impossible in the minds of the uninitiated! How could you get a signed card into a sealed envelope that was inside of a compartment sealed by a zipper in the magician’s wallet? If you conducted a poll of all working pros worldwide, I believe you’d find that virtually all of them use some version of this classic. Michael has performed the effect thousands of times. Over the years his experiences have led him to create the perfect wallet for the working professional. Other manufacturers have released many different designs .In my opinion all other attempts suffer from one or more fatal flaws. The Forbes Portfolio is simply the best. It’s based on the LePaul wallet but is further enhanced by the high quality materials, Michael’s design and the attention to detail. The Forbes Portfolio a masterpiece. The first consideration is always the appearance of the wallet. Michael watched over the making of the prototypes and literally told the two craftsman who hand make the wallet w every seam and stitch should be. This attention to detail shows up in the final product. The sewing and seams are flawless! The exterior of The Forbes Portfolio is manufactured of high quality Lizard Skin. The look screams “expensive” to your clients. Lizard Skin is extremely durable, so you can expect many years of use without degradation. The interior is constructed of high quality cowhide. When you open the wallet you will notice two different sides. On the right side are pockets to hold your credit cards. These pockets are consistent in the one critical measurement for them to properly do their job…the pockets are exactly the correct size to insure that the credit cards fit without ever falling out. This is a very important detail as the wallet “lives” in your inside jacket pocket upside down. If the pockets were not perfect, the credit cards simply fall out! Now to the business side of the wallet. On the left side is the zippered compartment. Michael has designed professional grade functionality into its workings. First, the wallet uses standard sized envelopes, either plain or with a window. You can get them anyw! The compartment precisely fits around the envelope, no need to bend a corner of the envelope to make it fit like most LePaul wallets. The zipper is self-healing professional grade. It runs smoothly for its entire length. Usually the zippers used are low grade or metal. Both types have serious problems when going around the curve. Most manufacturers that use these low grade zippers flatten out the curve so that they work better, but the trade-off is the envelope will not fit into the chamber properly and needs to be folded. The zipper on The Forbes Portfolio runs as smooth as silk allowing the compartment to be built properly. All of Michael’s innovations are outstanding but the real heart of the wallet is Michael’s incredible invention…The Forbes Flaps. His special flaps have been modified and constucted from special materials to allow you easily reload the envelope back into the wallet so fast that it’s in position BEFORE the spectator has finished taking the signed card out of the first envelope. What makes the flaps work so well is a well guarded secret Michael has been using for over fifteen years. Now any routine using the “Signed Card To Envelope” is totally practical to use for strolling or walk-a-round situations because your reset is instantaneous. If that’s not enough, t’s one last feature that is worth the price of admission. Michael is tipping his work on using The Forbes Portfolio to generate a self-sealing envelope. That’s right, the spectator is handed a sealed envelope that will withstand examination. The diabolical solution is a combination of a very easy set-up and a truly professional handling! The effect on your audience is breathtaking!


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