IDK Wallet by Tony Miller


Saddle up kemo sabe!

It’s time to ride the lightning!

And the horse you be ridin’ to glory is Tony Miller’s IDK Wallet, the trick pony that makes the Himber, the Bendix, the Sho-Gun and the Z-Fold wallets as obsolete as the iPod classic.

Now the IDK wallet is resting but once opened it will unleash the impossible in ways never before seen, in ways reaching new heavenly levels of the diabolical.

• One, two or three signed cards (your choice) can appear within the wallet’s sealed compartment without any palming or sleight of hand.

• A signed card from a blue-backed deck appears in the wallet—but now with a red back.

• Predict one or two selected cards (your choice) before they are selected.

• Give the audience a chance to win your credit card under the fairest conditions possible but they fail (all under your control).

• After the spectator shuffles his own deck—but before he selects a card with the deck in his own hands—you have predicted that card. A brand new idea, so extraordinary, dark powers may be involved.

• Using poker chips, predict how much a spectator will bet and the card he will bet on.

• Use Mephistophelian new methods for the Koran Deck and the Koran 1-0-1 Deck and take both to new levels of deception and enchantment.

• Use a Ouija board to reveal a card or cards merely thought of.

• With the assistance of a Voodoo Queen’s photo, defy the laws of the universe and the forces controlling the roll of dice and predict a selected card.

Hiding in plain sight as an ordinary hip pocket wallet, the IDK Wallet is a wolf in sheep’s clothing ready to devour your audience in a tsunami of deception and mixed metaphors.

Included in the price, the Bammo IDK Wallet Dossier download by Bob Farmer. Pages too numerous to count (over 170) explain in detail the secrets the infidels will never know but the secrets that will consume you with desire.

Handmade in the U.S.A. by master leather craftsman Anthony Miller and available only from him for $165 including shipping in the continental U.S.A. To order one contact Anthony here:

The TDK Wallet is ™ & © 2023 Anthony Miller. All rights reserved.

Bob Farmer (613) 499-9858

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