Deluxe Nest of Wallets by Nick Einhorn and Alan Wong


Borrow a ring or a coin…

Make it vanish…

…and reappear inside a folded cloth, found inside a nest of three leather wallets

Beautiful props

Expert tuition on the DVD

Incorporate this item into one of your current routines.

A totally practical ‘worker’ for the real world.

“Minimum effort, maximum effect – Smart, sophisticated, elegant, powerful magic – brilliant!” – Wayne Dobson

“The best close-up trick I saw at F.I.S.M 2012 – I cant wait to start doing it!”. Bill Herz

“A devilishly simple and baffling effect, highly recommended” – R.P.Wilson

“I saw Nick slay a group of laymen with his nest of wallets at dinner one night. This is real- world, commercial magic you will use!” – Chad Long

“I am so delighted that you are releasing “The Nest of Wallets”. It really is a table top ‘worker’. – Michael Vincent

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