The Hideout Wallet by Outlaw Effects


It’s a regular full size bi-fold hip pocket wallet. It is made from the same sexy black leather as the Magnum card case.

1. It’s primary functions are multiple outs/ Indexing and built in peek!

2. This wallet has 22 pockets, two of them gaffed for the built in peek, 9 pockets that are “hidden” and they’re not in the bill compartment. The bill compartment is not gaffed.

3. It has pockets that are wide enough to hold business cards, credit cards, Kioku cards, Psi Card etc. Eight pockets of the 20 are deep enough to completely conceal a bike card with room to spare.

4. It can be set up as a switching wallet. The wallet duplicates itself (don’t ask)

5. The billfold compartment is deep enough to easily hold British currency (the wide stuff ).

6. There are hidden pockets that can hold playing cards, be used for indexing, multiple outs, KK routines etc.

7. There is a built in self contained Outlaw peek function inside the wallet!

8. It is so simple yet so devious.

9. It is made by the same manufacturer as the Magnum, and they are a set.

10. A devastating addition to your arsenal!

It is the Father of all Intimidating Destroyers.

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